FF Mister K — a type family.

FF Mister K and type family
My name is Mister K

FF Mister K is a type family and the visualization of a personality. It is inspired by the unique handwriting of Austro-Hungarian writer Franz Kafka and one of the main characters of his novels. Mister K was born in Kafka’s novels … and today is leading his own life as a typeface. Learn more

What’s new in the Mister K Family?

Mister K a game? But isn’t Mister K a font!? True, FF Mister K is a font, but using it is much like playing a game. With six text fonts, hundreds of ligatures, alternates, dingbats and smart OpenType features you can steer to surprising and fascinating results. And you'll have a lot of fun along the way. Learn all about the font-game Mister K on this very website or download the K Info Guide.