Mister K Rusties

Mister k Rusites

Have you seen K-Rusty infected citizens in your town?

Mister K-Rusties are the latest offspring in the K family. Like Mister K they have an ancestor who lived in the notebooks of Franz Kafka. The famous writer covered page after page with his expressive handwriting as he wrote down stories, diaries, novels, fragments ...

Later, Kafka’s handwriting went on a trip through digitization, complementation, featurization, recombination and became FF Mister K.

Decomposition and recomposition led to the FF Mister K Dingbats.

And recently, rematerialization and rustification gave birth to the K-Rusties now popping up on all kinds of fellow citizens ... enriching the material world with unmistakeable K design.

You haven't seen any of this yet? Then you can become a K-Rusty pioneer in your part of the globe! Look around and select a Rusty-accessory-combination best suited for your purposes.

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All Rusties are available as a necklace
in antique copper.
Price 20 € + shipping

For silver or anthracite coating /
earrings / brooches
please contact Mister K.